I mean I was really hoping the sub zero days were come and gone..."your killin' me Smalls". Hang in their my little lavender plants, you can make it! It's a good thing there is a heavy blanket of snow over the plants. Guess I'll just scoot a little closer to the fire...

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    • 1. Feb 13 2014 11:55AM by Bev Oesch

      Oh Dawn our GOD is so MIGHTY. That reference to the movie Sandlot has so much meaning. I'll tell ya about it one of these days. Stopped in and talked to Paula last night on the way home from Kendallville. Sister Carolyn had hysterectomy and bladder lift surgery and I did the vigil (at LiNails getting a pedicure) Bless those girls. I learned how to say thanks you in Vietnamese and had them cracking up. Call me soon or now that drives are plowed out and we can get out I need my girls........volunteering my house. love ya bevo221