• Attracting Blue Birds

    We thought we would share some of the information we gathered about attracting bluebirds. I listed some brief highlights but if you would like to read the whole article you can get it at the link below:



    How to Attract the Eastern Bluebird

    Step 1. Choose a nest box that is made of wood, has no perch, and has a 1 1/2-inch-diameter hole. The box should have drainage holes in the bottom and ventilation holes at the top of the sides. The diameter of the floor should be about 4 by 4 inches for Eastern Bluebirds.

    Step 2. Place the box in open, mowed habitat at least 100 feet from brushy wooded areas. Good areas are large lawns, open fields, farmland, pastureland, and parks. Mount the nest box about 4 to 5 feet high on a metal pole, facing any direction.A "trail" consists of several boxes placed 100 yards apart. Put boxes up by early March, before nesting starts.

    Step 3. Check your box at least once a week during spring and early summer. Opening the box will not hurt the birds.

    Step 4. After the bluebird young have fledged and left the box, remove the old nest. Bluebirds may return and nest up to three times in one season.

    We are working on the details of the "trail" and will update you when we know more.