• It's time to...stop and discover the Rosa spp.

    Well since we can't stop and "smell the roses", we at least can read about it and discover something new to appreciate regarding this lovely flower. This little valentine message comes from American Botanical...thanks AB! You can find more gems on their website: http://abc.herbalgram.org/site/PageServer?pagename=ecard_page

    I always thought Roses and Lavender made a good pair since they both hold their scent after they are dried. I love using these two botanicals together in potpourri. Here is a simple potpourri recipe you can try if you like them too .

    Lavender and Roses Potpourri

    • 1 Cup pink rose petals

    • 1 Cup red rose petals

    • 3/4 Cup miniature rosebuds

    • 3/4 Cup lavender

    • 1/2 Cup rose leaves

    • 2 Tablespoons powdered orris root (fixative) or fiberfix

    • 15 Drops rose oil or lavender oil