• Lavender Lane partners with the OLIVE TWIST!

    One of the blessings with our lavender adventure is meeting new people and trying new things. Recently we had the good fortune to meet Lori Brendt, owner of the OLIVE TWIST, a gourmet olive oil and vinegar tasting bar located in both Fort Wayne and Auburn. Lori donated a bottle of Lavender Balsamic Vinegar for our Hors d'oeuvres in the Field, May 3 & 4. So, armed with some of her lavender recipes and a new lavender gourmet cookbook we have been busily trying new and delicious culinary treats that we are SURE you are going to enjoy! Tomorrow we will show you the new gourmet cookbook and give you a hint on other dishes that may be served at the Open House....did we mention it was MAY 3 & 4!

    Read more about the OLIVE TWIST @ http://www.theolivetwist.com/home