• Rome City, Indiana - Bird Town

    Late last year Rome City became Indiana's third designated Bird Town. What an exciting tribute and one our whole community is excited about! Steve and I have always enjoyed the birds that come to our property and over the years have worked to encourage a variety of species. This year we are going to focus on two distinct species, Blue Birds and Purple Martines. We have had Blue Birds in the past but would like to develop a "Blue Bird Trail" of houses, so we will be expanding the number of houses we have and changing some of their locations. Purple Martines however, will be new to the area...if we can get them to come and nest. Steve got a Martin house for his birthday and has it ready to put up as soon as the ground thaws...come on SPRING!

    Well that is what we have planned for The Lavender Lane this year. We will keep you posted on the blog and let you know how it's going. Hopefully we will have pictures of happy birds :)